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    HeadBand.me / Vero Brava has been making and selling headbands, and only headbands, since 2014 after me, Veronica declared to my husband Alex, that I was going to learn how to sew and make the perfect no slip, fashionable, comfortable and 100% non hair ripping out headband (gonna have to think of a better way to phrase that our headbands don't have those rubbery things that rip your hair out). So, I had nothing better to do, and we set out to make the perfect no slip headband. Why? Because we are both nuts about headbands and we wanted to share our exclusive materials and passion with you! 

    We researched and tested designs, sizes and most importantly, we quickly found out, the fabric make up.  You see headbands stay on one's head because of Physics... If you put a headband around the widest part of your head, it won't slip. Picture putting a headband around the widest part of a balloon, it will never budge.

    The problem is, very few of us like to wear our headbands around the widest part of our heads, so in order for a headband not to slip, there has to be enough friction to keep it in place.

    I have a background in fashion and my husband is an incredibly successful entrepreneur who marketed us so well, that we sold over 300,000 headbands in our first year!

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